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Campo Creek Wines

Estate Syrah 2017

Cabernet Sauvignon




Our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, first planted in 2003, has the noble aromas and flavors of currants, green peppers, chocolate and mint. With medium acidity this wine can be matched nicely with lamb and red meats especially around the barbecue or sipping with family and friends at an evening event.


The Estate Merlot was planted in 2007 and has become a favorite with aromas and flavors of blackberries, mocha and a slight but distinct flavor of currants and plums.

This wine can be enjoyed either conversationally with friends or paired with grilled seafood or well-seasoned ethnic dishes.



Estate Syrah is a newcomer to our line of fine estate wines and has the distinct aroma and flavor of currants, mocha, chocolate and a slight hint of plums, spices and blueberries.

With balanced acidity this medium-bodied wine can be paired with spicy Asian, European or Mexican Cuisines.

ranchers red 1


Pink Syrah

Rancher's Red 1


Viognier is the most acclaimed white wine grape from France’s Rhone Valley. Our Viognier is a fragrant and fruity wine with good acidity and tannin structure.

This wine is best paired with lightly flavored fish, shell-fish and poultry. It is also

enjoyable with light pastas.




Our 'Pink Syrah' is actually

a true Rose of Syrah and is

made from the red Syrah

grape. This delightful and elegantly flavored wine is great with salmon and

creamy pastas. It's also a refreshing summertime wine that is lovely to sip on 

those hot afternoons.


The 'Ranchers Red 1' is

a medium bodied red blend made from our Estate Merlot, Cabernet,

and Syrah wines. It's a nicely balanced wine that

pairs well virtually all

red meats, grilled seafood. 

Zinfandel 2017

Blushing Rose




Blushing Rose is a delightful wine that will make you remember the long summer days.  It is a beautiful blend of our Silver Award Winning 2015 Viognier and our Cabernet Sauvignon that brings out the flavors of both varietals to the next level.




The Zinfandel is rich in flavors from a nice note of French oak and cherries.  This is a great choice to be paired with lamb, beef, grilled vegetables, or your favorite chocolate.  The fruit is sourced locally from Potrero.




Currently sold out!! This Chardonnay is a dry fruit forward wine that takes away the heat of a summer day.  The grapes are sourced from Napa Valley and the wine is bottled and cellared in Napa.




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